TUNE IN : Friday's at 9:30PM EST

Blaine Anthony

Blaine has been a full time TV host for multiple national TV shows for over 10 years. Best known for his “Bear Whisperer” series, Blaine was a perfect choice to be the person within the show to learn the ins and outs of the gun world. Blaine has been fighting for our second amendment rights for years now, but has just recently has become infatuated with the black gun world. In addition to Blaine learning throughout the series, you get to see the behind the scenes antics and no holds barred, none filtered, uncut version of what he’s got to say not only to his fellow hosts, but about our rights as Americans.

Jeff Zimba

Jeff has been part of just about every aspect of the black gun world for over 20 years, from fighting for gun rights, to writing articles and testing gear for major magazines. Jeff is known for his sometimes brutally honest reviews and opinions of gun gear, making him the trusted source for new and old products in the black gun industry for many years. After just a short time filming for the show, he was given the nick name “Black Gun Guru” after the rest of the team learned just how deep Jeff’s knowledge about black guns truly is. With Jeff’s passion to teach, test and evaluate product, he evens out the constant banter from Blaine and Adam.

Adam Hendsbee

Adam is the owner of A&G shooting and supply and has multiple years specializing in all things gun related. Adam is also a licensed instructor teaching thousands of students. He has taught everything from concealed weapons training to self-defense. Adam works full time in the gun industry, which makes him invaluable to the story line and the education portion of the show. Adams personality has become a perfect clash with Blaine’s over the top personality, which brings a level of entertainment to Freedom Fighters never before seen on any shooting show.