TUNE IN : Friday's at 9:30PM EST
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BCI Defenses Freedom Fighter series is not your everyday “shooting” show. The producers have not only compiled the industry’s leading black gun professionals in the industry, you get to join host Blaine Anthony, “The Bear Whisperer”, as he also learns the ins and outs of everything black gun and shooting. Where Freedom Fighters will stand apart is the entertainment built into every show to not only captivate die hard shooters, but the public in general as this show is reality based and follows the everyday lives of the Pro’s and Joe’s in the show, all the while educating and entertaining. We invite you to watch just one episode and you will be hooked for the entire season.


Catch Freedom Fighters nationally on the Pursuit Channel every Friday night at 9:30pm. Direct TV ch. 604, Dish Network ch. 393 and in cable markets, please check your local listings.